23rd October 2013

Royal Christening – what to wear?

What will Prince George wear for his christening today? A traditional christening robe? A romper suit? Or something more modern? When it came to my first child’s christening I considered all these options – until I had a eureka moment! 

From time to time I’d been wondering what to do with my wedding dress. Sell it? Take it to a charity shop? Or leave it wrapped with loving care up in the loft? Now I knew just what to do! Setting to work with pencil and paper I soon had the pattern drawn to transform my wedding dress into a traditional christening gown.

A few tears came to my eyes as I took scissors to the silk organza but I was soon all smiles as the new garment came together in my hands. Reaching down to the baby’s feet and simply embellished with trimmings from the wedding dress the gown was absolutely perfect!

All four of my children were christened in turn in that gown – and four of their cousins too! Happy memories! My first child, Andrew, will be 30 years old on Prince George’s christening day. Happy birthday Andrew  XXX

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